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Dear Easton Neighbors,

Easton Volunteer Emergency Medical Services (EVEMS) has been in operation since 1946. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality lifesaving emergency medical care to the visitors and residents of the town of Easton. In 2015 EVEMS responded to 429 emergency calls and in 2016 EVEMS responded to 448 emergency calls. That is an approximate 5% increase each year. Our volunteers have put in over 6,600 hours since January 2017 responding to emergency calls.

The donation money we received in past years have helped purchase 2 items. The first purchase was a UTV (utility vehicle). This is an all-terrain vehicle that is used in many different capacities. The main use of the UTV is for assistance in rescue; mainly where a vehicle or ambulance may have limited or no access to a patient. Examples of these locations are the Aspetuck Land Trust, Paine Open Space or the various Aquarion properties. The UTV can be used in inclement weather situations such as snow storms, heavy wind and rain, and where trees may have fallen. It is also to be used during the fall season at Silverman’s and during the Easton carnival where there are large crowds.

The second item your donation monies is used for is various trainings that will enhance our EMT’s skills. Trainings include how to handle different types of patients who need medical care such as the geriatric or pediatric patients, patients with mental health needs, or an elderly family member coping with dementia. These trainings are invaluable to our EMT’s and will help us to better assist you in your time of need.

EVEMS invites our Easton neighbors to come down to our headquarters and see what your donations are spent on and how they help EVEMS and the Easton community.

There are two ways for our Easton neighbors to get involved with EVEMS:
1. By donating to EVEMS.
2. Taking an EMT or EMR course and volunteering with EVEMS.

Easton EMS offers EMT courses 1-2 times a year, usually at our headquarters. After completing the class, passing the state exam, and volunteer with us for a year, you will be reimbursed the full cost of the class. By choosing to help EVEMS, YOU are helping your community.

Easton EMS 2020-12 Donation Letter for Website[40380]

Victor Malindretos

President, EVEMS, Inc.

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