Easton EMS bills through a billing agency called Certified Ambulance Group or (CAG). When someone calls Easton EMS they are only billed if they are transported to the hospital. Refusals of care and standbys are free. CAG bills on behalf of the Town of Easton. CAG ONLY bill’s the insurance company (commonly referred to as “Insurance only billing”) if the patient does not have insurance they are billed, but not expected to pay. In other words we do not turn the patients bill over to collections. You get one bill and if you do not pay you never hear from CAG again. When Easton EMS volunteers respond to your emergency they ask you for your insurance card or ( billing information) and ask for your signature. The signature allows Easton EMS to directly bill your insurance company and you never see a bill. We contract with a company called Nelson Ambulance of Bridgeport, they provide Paramedic level care in addition to the care our volunteers provide. Because we have a contract with Nelson Ambulance we, “bundle bill”, that means you and/or your insurance company will receive one bill from CAG and not one from Easton EMS and one from Nelson Ambulance. For further information on EMS billing you can go to the CAG web site at

All proceeds from billing are turned over to the Town of Easton. Easton Volunteer EMS Inc. receives no compensation directly from billing.