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Dear Easton Neighbors,

As you know, we continue to raise funds for a new EMS building. Our current headquarters was built in 1926 to house Easton’s volunteer fire department. Over the years the building was expanded, the fire department moved out, and in 1989 it became Easton EMS headquarters. It has served us well, but our needs have exceeded its capacity.

Your Help is Needed!

We need your help. We have been raising funds for a new building for more than 10 years and are just now closing in on realizing our vision. We are asking you to please donate to the Easton EMS building fund. Our goal is to break ground on a new facility by 2024. To achieve that we need your help. Some of the problems with our current facility include:

  • Ceiling collapse earlier this year due to deteriorated ceiling supports
  • Collapsed drainage pipes
  • Sagging floors
  • Unsafe well water
  • Fire code issues
  • Inadequate space for our equipment and volunteer members

Over 600 Calls This Year

Our emergency call volume continues to increase. This year is no exception with a projection of over 600 emergency calls. Throughout it all our volunteers have tirelessly responded to the needs of Easton; in some cases, going out at 2 in the morning to assist with any and all medical emergencies.

So, this year, please help us get over the finish line. We ask you to consider making a donation.
Whether this is the first time, or you have supported us throughout the years, we give you our heart-felt gratitude and thank you for your support!

Victor Malindretos
President, Board of Trustees