EMT Of The Year

Easton Volunteer Emergency Medical Service recognizes an outstanding member with its prestigious EMT of the Year Award. The award was established in honor and memory of Herb Goldman who served as a volunteer for seven years prior to his untimely death in January, 2002.

2002- Ann Slimak
2003- Dave Kmetz
2004- Adam Goldstein
2005- Cheryl Andrews
2006- Brian Walsh
2007- Carolyn Kearney
2008- Bruce Lewis
2009- Victor Malindretos
2010- Peg Shukie
2011- Lorraine Mercede
2012- Brian Hepp
2013- Sandra Snyder
2014- Jacob Simkovitz
2015- Matt Caldwell
2016- Andrew Tisdale
2017- Christina DiPalma
2018- Paco Acosta
2019- Cimi Carreno
2020- Mary Pat O’Neil
2021- Alex Kenton
2022- Madelyn Andrews