Our Apparatus

Easton EMS operates two similarly equipped Type III ambulances, one BLS Fly-Car and one UTV all-terrain vehicle.

Each ambulance carries a wide variety of medical equipment including oxygen, naloxone, epinephrine, aspirin, and glucose to treat common life threatening medical emergencies. We also carry various mass casualty incident equipment including severe bleeding control gear and triage system equipment. Easton ambulances also have a multitude of extrication devices that allow us to safely remove someone from their home during an emergency.

Alongside standard personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and surgical masks, both ambulances have reflective vests, extrication jackets, helmets, bullet proof vests/helmets, hazardous material suits and more to keep our crews safe. We have Stryker hydraulic stretchers, which makes loading and unloading safer for patients and providers.

In 2016, Easton EMS obtained two Lucas CPR devices that are now carried on both ambulances. These devices allow us to provide high quality CPR via machine while simultaneously freeing up the hands of an EMT to focus on other lifesaving measures.

In 2022, Easton EMS obtained fifteen state-of-the-art portable radios through the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters(AFG) Grant worth 57,000 dollars. These radios are issued to responding EMTs which gives them the ability to speak with doctors at the hospital as well as other ambulances in the region. This can in turn improve patient outcomes and communication between first responders.

Both our ambulances are equipped with portable and mobile radios to communicate directly with Easton’s 911 center and CMED regional dispatch. Through these radios we can also communicate with Easton Police and Fire Departments as well as our mutual aid partners.

Have Questions? Stop by and check out our ambulances in person!




2009 Lifeline / Ford
E-450 Type III




2017 PL Custom / Chevy
E-450 Type III


Our “TAC 853” is a Polaris 6×6. Outfitted by Fleet auto supply. The entire unit was purchased and outfitted using donations. This unit will allow us to access numerous places in town where a full size ambulance just won’t fit.  Thank you Easton for being so generous with your life saving, tax deductible donations!