Our Building | Our Goals

The current building that houses Easton Volunteer Emergency Medical Service was built in 1926. That means it’s 95 years old!

The building used to be the firehouse and when the fire department built their new building in 1989, EVEMS moved in. It was apparent from the outset, that the building had many problems, not least of which the many structural and fire code issues. Many of those issues remain to this day and the following list seeks to illustrate them and the difficulties they cause.


  • Not handicapped accessible.
  • No elevator access to the 2nd floor.
  • Roof is almost 25 years old – ridge line sagging.
  • Exterior shingles are falling off and paint is peeling.
  • Limited parking and holes in the parking lot. EVEMS pays to plow and insure the adjoining lot.
  • Short front apron makes entering and leaving the bays dangerous. The building has been hit twice due to the proximity to the road.
  • The septic system is at least 50 years old.
  • The well is not on the property.
  • The generator is 17 years old and needs replacing.

1st floor:

  • Office – windows are pushing out causing heat loss and therefore increased utility costs. The floor is sagging and there is limited working space. 5 desks for more than 10 admin staff.
  • AC is via window units – these are repeatedly used as nesting places for birds, which can also gain access to the attic.
  • The metal cabinets in the garage are rusting. These are used to store equipment and supplies.
  • The garage floor drains into the dry well outside – pipe has collapsed. New dry well required.
  • The live in accommodations are inadequate. There are 3 bedrooms and one shower and privacy is poor.

2nd floor:

  • This floor is used for many things; a meeting space, the EMT class, in-service training, board meetings, amongst others. This floor cannot be used as residential space, due to fire code issues.
  • The floor is sagging.
  • The bar/lounge area is wasted space.
  • Windows need attention.
  • Bathrooms regularly clog up and are inadequate for training classes. The rotting plumbing in the sinks had to be replaced.


  • The basement sump pump continually runs runs and has to be replaced every 2 years, due to the hard water.