CT State EMT Practical Exam
Simulated Victim Observer Registration

Simulated Victim Observer
Easton EMS is an approved testing site for the State of CT EMT and NREMT practical/psychomotor examinations. During every exam we are looking for interested persons to play a simulated victim. Office Emergency Medical Services for the State of CT requires a specified number. If you are interested in taking part in this very educational testing process, we’d love to have you. And, as a show of our appreciation for volunteering, you will receive a one-time $20 credit voucher which can be used towards a future practical examination with Easton EMS.

Examination Description
Practical examinations are dependent on victims to play the role of patients or an EMT Assistant. The exam program provides the opportunity for future EMT candidates to familiarize themselves with the testing process and provide the necessary support for candidates that are testing.

Rules and Requirements
– EMT candidates that have started the certification/testing process (ie. Have already taken the practical exam and need to repeat stations) may NOT participate as exam victims
– If you will be late or unable to make the test, please notify us as soon as possible. OEMS requires a certain amount of victims
– Victims may not wear clothing that identifies them with a course, organization, department or agency. No hats, no skirts, no low-cut shirts will be permitted. Those dressed inappropriately will be asked to change prior to exam start.

Exam Site Information
Samuel Staples Elementary School
515 Morehouse Rd

Time: Doors open: 8:00am
Victim arrival time: 8:30 am*
*Victims arriving after 8:50 am will NOT be admitted into the examination.

– If you require proof of attendance, you are responsible for providing form and validation     request. We do not provide these forms.
– Verification forms will be signed the day of your attendance.